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Nov 17, 2013 9:00am PST
made fun of, or the parents don' >> you mentioned bob the builder,t's not bob t builder, shouldou go to hollywood and say i have a wonderful character, can't you make aartoon out of it, is there a film, how do we alter th stereo pe? >> that's what we're trying to do. we're setting a foundion so i hope we can become a feel role model character for girls. we wansomething other than barbie and princesses. someone tha is a inventor that likes making things. >> witut getting too specific, i would say that the wooden locks ar neither a girlr a it is legos with spaceips that may be more of a boytoy. >> iould arguehat every toy is a toy, anyone can play with it. i rely tried to fill in that i wanted girls to love this toy, so iooked into gender differces. knowing if you just tk a construction toy and made it nk, that's not enough. i looked int gender differences, i met with neuroscientis, elementary school teachers, everything i but the big aha is that girls have very strong verbal skls. and they have confidence in rs their reading ability. there is no reading or characters in constructn toy
Nov 10, 2013 9:00am PST
out. so i can't be a good salesman here. >> you can charg more money per ticket. >> don bother coming. yes? >> in additi to the ple, apple one, a lot ofnnovations came out of the early day of the home brew computer club, hypertext and so on. i'm wonderings you loo at how the indury hasdeveloped, you now have these big,normous multinational corporations that inany ways grew out of some of those early ideas. when you look at that, do you have any -- did you have any idea that that was coming, and industry has evolved, areou satisfied wh what you wrought? >> well, satisfaction is hard to come by. i personally am not but can't eak for hers. i do say that the concept of cloudcomputer, using the cloud, never see , it's rtual, re you forget about it. that sounds an awful lot like the mainframe computing days we tried to overturn. we have almostome full circle regard, and that' not the end of it. so there'slways more to be done there's new generations coming up who will doit. we'reust old geezers. we're not goi to be the ones to do it, but we cld at least ll some of thyoung ones how pr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2